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The Natural Style Philosophy:
"We feel that it is not enough to be well dressed,  
we want that our customers enjoy being well dressed."  

With this motto the company Natural Style has for over 40 years combined the natural advantages of Alpaca Wool with a timeless, fashionable look, appreciated by customers world-wide. Extraordinay thermal characteristics, exceptional durability and unusual wearing comfort are some of the impressive characteristics of this unique natural fiber. This valuable fiber characterizes Natural Style: natural elegance, a timeless Look, a tastefull combination of color, form and pattern – based on pure, undistbutable alpaca quality.

Since 1976

... we have been committed to the design, production, import, and marketing of socially just, labor intensive fashion products from the third world. Our goal is to market the largest possible quantity of such products, generating the greatest possible amount of sustainable productive employment.

Our suppliers

... are mostly small family companies or developement projects, although larger firms are also sourced when our goals are thereby met. Prerequisites are good working conditions and a fair distribution of the benefits of trade. We have been doing this long before the expression "fair trade" came to be used, describing exactly the way we work.

We are actively involved

... in developing product form, colors, and design; in short, we're there from the start. Our inspirations come from our experienced designers, as well as from our customers.

Our designs

... carry the Natural Style label, which is a guarantee for timeless elegance with the highest quality standards. Our designs are produced exclusively for us, although we occassionally allow the production of our designs for other dealers if that benefits the knitters.

Raw Materials

... are all regenerative natural materials, without negative effects on the environment, but with definite positive effect on the living stadards of the people who produce our products. The alpaca animal, our main supplier of material, has been valued and protected by the indigenous peoples for centureis, and live peacefully in their natural habitat.

The dyes we use are all reactive dyes, allergy free, and with our modern dying processes environmentaly safe. In fact, the environment is a major concern for us in all productive, logistical, and marketing proceedures.



... are determined by the producers. We do not influene the producers pricing policies; we market her/his products at their pricing levels. If prices prove to be too high for successful marketing, we suggest design changes or a switch to other products. If her/his prices could be higher, we pass along this information as well.

Our simple and fair approach is well accepted, and provides the best atmosphere for lasting and meaningful trade.


Every Fall-Winter collection brings new cardigans, jackets, coats, capes and stoles, sweaters, skirts and pants, rounded out with matching accessories.

In our „Summer-Alpaca“ collection you will find sweaters, cardigans, and stoles in very light, fine Baby-Alpaca and Baby Alpaca/Silk mixtures in mostly lively colors for the warmer months.

Where you can find us
All Collections can be see in our office and warehouse in Munich, Germany.

Our Website also shows all current collections, complete with a shop system for direct purchase with a full refund satisfaction guarantie.

We appreciate your ideas/comments

Are there styles/models that you would like to see from us in alpaca? Or variations on existing models? Or improvements that we could make in our service?

Would you like to be on our mailing list, per e-mail or post? - We inform our customers once or twice per year when we offer reduced prices, present seasonal highlights, etc.

For these comments/ideas simply send us an e-mail...
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