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- Alpaca from Natural Style

Whether Market Booth, Alpaca Farm, Mail Order Catalog, or exclusive Boutique – we’re there to guarantee your success!

We are proud that in all these years we have been able to continuosly widen our collection and improve our service to our retailers.  And that mostly in direct communication with you.  For your feed-back is very important to us, only so can we improve in the way you want us to improve.

Natural Style, and I personally, have many years of experience in retail throughout Europe.  In retail Fairs, local Markets, or in our own Shops/Boutiques.  I am here to offer you my opinion or support in any way I can should you want help, or even just to discuss a new initiative.

Development for everyone – Fairness is our first criteria.

The demand for alpaca is on the rise.  Where before poverty and under-development was found, this demand has brought our producers a stronger economic position and a continuously improving quality of life.  Together with each of our producers we assure fairness at every level.
Incidently, you may print or download any part of this website.  Here you will find all applicable information, except your wholesale prices.  I would be happy to welcome you as Natural Style Retailer!

If you register yourself in this website and inform me of such, I will place you in the "merchant" catagory. As such, you will see your wholesale price for each product, and be able to enter the area with the new collection for the coming season.

If you wish, I will present our collection to you at your location. A call (+49-89-6118295) or an e-mail ( will suffice.

And we are at the following Fashion Fairs:


InNaTex, Wallau near Frankfurt
Januar 20-22, 2024
EG019 at the end of the main aisle
stomer Recommendation Program: if a new customer comes to us on your recommendation, we give you a discount on your pruchases equal to 5% of the new customer's orders for the first year .

Here are our Terms of Delivery

1. Minimum delivery quantity: it must be clear that the products ordered are intended for re-sale.

2. For deliveries in Germany the customer pays standard DHL freight costs. For deliveries under Euro 350.00, the customer also pays handling costs of Euro 1.50.  Should you use our website to order, note that the payment discount for retailers is not shown, and the freight is not calculated correctly.  We will send you a correct invoice.

3. The customer pays all banking costs associated with payment. Foreign customers should consider the advantages of payment via PayPal.

4. Payment is made in advance, or through SEPA Direct Debit for Businesses, both with 3% discount. For SEPA Direct Debit for Businesses, the customer consents to a payment date one day after delivery.  There is no discount for payment with PayPal.

5. New customers outside of Germany make a deposit of 20% when ordering.

6. Goods remain our property until fully paid. The legal jurisdiction is Munich.

7. "On-Stock" items are always stocked in all sizes/colors to assure immediate delivery. "Advance-Order" items are normally not stocked, and when so, in lesser quantities. Just call or e-mail us concerning the availability of "Advance-Order" items.

8. To assure timely delivery of "Advance-Order" items, order according to this timetable:

order before: for delivery as of:  
March 1 August 1  
August 1 October 15  
September 15 December 1

 9. An advantage of "Advance-Order" orders ist the price guarantee: the customer pays the lower of the price at the time of ordering or that at delivery.

10. Your order is first confirmed by us at the time of delivery.

"Reliable Partner for Retailers since 1976"
                                        Timely delivery - prices that are fun.

Gregory Smith
General Manager